Reasons To Replace Terracotta With Color Bond

To know the reasons for replacing terracotta with colour bond let’s first see what they are.


It is an old type of roofing which uses the tiles or bricks made out of clay. The brick or tiles were moulded and then cooked in the oven until they were hard, strong, and, dried. Then they were set on the roof area with the help of cement and other materials. They are red.

Colour bond:

Colour bond is roofing services Sydney which is painted with bonding paint after the installation.

Reasons to replace the terracotta roof with a colour bond:

Since the terracotta roof’s tiles or bricks are made of clay so, they soak up the rainwater which later becomes the reason for moulds in the roof and furthermore if not cared soon the leakage starts from the roof into the house.

These are not easy to install. There is a whole long, time taking process of installing them. It takes days to do so and then you must leave it for a few days for the drying process.

They require maintenance from time to time. If it is neglected, then the roof will start to fall. Slowly but surely.

Then, of course, they are old fashion as well. It was used in the old times when there was less technology.

It is not suitable for industrial areas. The chemicals and impurities in the air will quickly weaken the red bricks.

It is already very heavy but when it soaks up the water from the rain, it becomes heavier and of course, it is not good for the lower structure. The extra weight will be damaging to the structure.

Reasons to have colour bonding:

Since the colour bond is made of metal it doesn’t soak up the rainwater and the waterfalls on the ground from the roof.

Since it doesn’t soak up the water there won’t be any issue of moulds and leakage. Then, of course, it is painted with bonding paint, so it also resists the rusting of the metal.

These roofs are quite easy and speedy to install. Cement and other materials are not required to do the job these are fixed with the help of the nuts and bolts.

These colour bonds are modern and gives the house a chic and sophisticated look.

These roofs are light in weight, hence, doesn’t put extra weight on the lower structure of the building

These are

These are suitable for the industrial area as well since metal can withstand the harsh chemicals in the air.

These are the reasons to have colour bond roofing service to have your roof replaced from terracotta to colour bond.